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Let's push the boundaries!

Inspirational stories about otherness.

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GEMS OF 2022



“BBCP is a no-profit initiative promoted by the american designer Chris Bangle and his wife Catherine to unite the creativity with the craftsmen of the Alta Langa. BBCP activities – strictly no profit – include technical support for those who wish to construct official Big Benches, and collaboration with prominent local craftsmen to create products inspired by them, that may constitute a small contribution to the local economy and tourism, in the spirit of positivity that the Big Benches bring to this area.”

Big Bench Community Project


“The "Violin of the Sea" was born from the idea of ​​transforming the wood on which migrant people have traveled, many of whom have not even managed to finish their journey, into an instrument of hope that can communicate a culture of hospitality through music and integration.

The violin was made by the master luthier Enrico Allorto together with the prisoners hired in the lutherie and carpentry workshop in the Opera prison, one of "Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti" Foundation’s first projects."

Il violino del mare - Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti - Opera prison

ENFOCAHHumanitarian photography in the face of oblivion and silence.


EnfocAH frames what public opinion barely looks at.

Issues that affect the most vulnerable populations on the planet and that do not find space in the news are rescued from oblivion thanks to the work of photojournalists who document them, adding humanitarian action and offering us a valuable graphic testimony.




by Olivier Tallec

A wordless picture book to show the pointlessness of war.

Waterloo & Trafalgar - Olivier Tallec


by Massimiliano Tappari


"When I was a baby and my mother held me in her arms, I hung on a button that was the shape and colour of a mulberry. I still remember the tactile sensation of that hold. While she read me a story I read her, and without losing the thread I followed the texture of the jumper, the curve of her chin, and the fold of her arm. They were all macro photos I was taking in quick succession. 
"Childhood of a Photographer" consists of short stories, sometimes very short, of episodes, memories, visions, readings, and encounters that are fundamental to the construction of one's imagination and the formation of the self."

Infanzia di un fotografo.jpg

HOMELESSPhotographs by Bryan Adams


“Six years ago photographer and musician Bryan Adams was approached by actress and director Trudie Styler to photograph a portrait story of homeless street vendors for the magazine The Big Issue. That story inspired a more in-depth photographic look at these people who live on the streets of London and sell the magazine. The Big Issue is a weekly publication created by professional journalists and photographers, and sold on the streets to provide the homeless with legitimate income and facilitate their reintegration into mainstream society. Today The Big Issue is published in several international editions throughout Asia and Africa. Adams’ portraits depict characters beyond social and economic circumstance, and can be seen as a continuation of his 2013 book Wounded: The Legacy of War.” 

Homeless - Bryan Adams.jpg


by Mark Nixon

Quirky and nostalgic portraits of teddy bears and other stuffed animals that have been lovingly abused after years of play. MuchLoved collects 60 of these images along with their accompanying background tales.




The Sound Garden is an open-air museum, a timeless artistic space in constant flux, involving all the senses. Visitors can enjoy Art and Nature in an unprecedented dimension. Here, nature is alive, down to its most immobile and silent element: stone. 
In the Giardino Sonoro of San Sperate, you can take an exciting walk along a path without signs or directions where basalt and limestone produce evocative archaic, ancestral, and mystical sounds. 




The association Linea d'Ombra ODV has supported people on the move in Trieste and the Balkan routes since 2019.
In northern Bosnia, on the border with the EU, migrants cluster by the thousands in poorly managed camps and on the streets in unacceptable living conditions. Croatian police - assisted and financed by Frontex and the EU - try to block the passage of refugees illegally and by violent means.

Linea d'Ombra ODV works in this context, with money collected through donations, to make the refugees' living conditions less unbearable and to denounce the unacceptable situations in the camps and the inhuman behavior of the border police.

Linea d'ombra ODV.jpg



SBSK - Special Books by Special Kids


"Interviews that are intended to create a more inclusive world. Starting in 2016, SBSK is now a 501(c)3 organization that seeks to normalize the diversity of the human condition under the pillars of honesty, respect, mindfulness, positivity and collaboration. This multi-media movement supports the acceptance and inclusion of all members of the neurodiverse/disability community regardless of diagnosis, age, race, religion, income, sexual orientation, gender or gender expression."




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